First of all, I've absolutely fallen in love with Geany after a few years of using nedit and jedit on gnome, the former was just ugly, and the latter was clunky as all hell (can you guess how I feel about java?). However, there is one problem that is driving me up the wall, and I'm wondering if there is some good reason it has never been addressed: having fuller posix-style regexp matching in find/replace. Particularly, allowing the use of ? to make searches non-greedy. I've gotten so used to using regexp matching in my editor to allow for copying => pasting => quick change to a selection, but have found I have to make much more careful and generally nasty regexps in order to make up for not being able to use the ? non-greedy match. So, my question is: why doesn't Geany allow non-greedy matching, is there any work being done to address this, is there any easy way around it/patch to allow for this functionality, or in general, how do people deal with this minute but massively irritating detail?

Thanks for any input

/ V.K. Ramesh