On Feb 3, 2009, at 1:49 PM, Jason Oster wrote:

Hi Norman,

I assume you've built Geany with Apple's bundled GTK+ support. In that 

case, it does need X11. If you can start Geany from Xterm (give the 

/full/path/to/geany) then at least that's all good.

Jason --
Problem solved ... thanks to you! 
The crucial clue was your comment that I should might need to give the full path to the geany application itself. And the crucial bit of information was your telling me that X11 would be needed if I built the application with GTK+ support that comes  (I assume) with the Xtools bundle. So I started  searching around for objects named "geany" and finally was able to make out the entire structure of what was installed and built with Macport.
For those Mac users out there who wish to install geany and may be as naive as I am about these new integrated technologies, here is a caveat:
The OS X search tools  (File>Find and Searchlight)  failed to find the geany application. In searching for any objects that included the string "geany", it listed folders, icons, etc, but no applications. (This may be because launching geany from the command line calls for geany as a command. Hence, within the Mac view of the file system, the command geany is just another executable file and not something typed as ".app".) So I really had to get down and dirty with Darwin's unix navigation and look for the particular "bin" directory where the executable geany resided. The search returns for the folders named geany helped direct  me to the correct area, and the rest was "hunt and poke" until I found it, and hence its path. The filepath, referred to "root" where I located it is:
/opt/local norman$ /opt/local/bin/geany
I hope that this saves at least one person some time! Jason ... thanks again.