> I'm a little out of ideas.
> It seems a sane set of ignore tags has to be set to get most of the QT
> headers extracted. After a way too long time of testing, I found these
> helpful:
> __attribute__
> To use them, update your Geany to latest SVN version (ignore.tags
> wasn't used for generating global tags so far).
> Put the above listed tags ~/.geany/ignore_tags and try again.
> Then at least setSizePolicy() will be found. But there are probably
> tons of other tags which can't be found because Qt's heavy macro usage
> will confuse the C++ tags parser.
> Sorry, I'm afraid I can't you help anything more on this. Maybe you
> should ask someone more familar with Qt.

tanks for the help... a least if I can have a good part it will be that... I'll try that later... and probably ask on Qt forum as well...

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