I am seeking assistance with Geany 1.23.1 which has been installed on a Notebook running Windows 8.


The problem is that when a Pyton file is executed it seems to execute OK but the command module flashes onto the screen and then disappears straight away.  So no “Press any key to continue” message appears.  I am assuming this is an issue with Geany but may be one with Python; my IT knowledge is scant and I am not even sure what the correct question to ask is.


The version of Python being used is WinPython-32bit- which has been installed into C:\WinPython-32bit-2-7-5-1.  Initially Geany issued a message that Python is not recognized until I included in the system variables path ;C:WinPython-32bit-2-7-5-1\Scripts.  At this point the issue started occurring.  Have changed the path to exclude the \Scripts part and if I do Python is again not recognized.


I have no idea what needs to be done to fix this matter and hope someone can help.