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This "kludge" may interest those who are interested in using Geany to edit source files in languages for which Geany has no native support. 

I have managed to obtain a high degree of support for the Euphoria Programming Language, including syntax color and context sensitive help, by backing up the original lua support files/references in filetypes.lua, filetype_extensions.conf, and snippets.conf,  and then editing the lua files/references to
support Euphoria.  Support for Lua can be swapped/restored back by executing a batch file type program,
written in Euphoria, which overwrites the the euphoria enabled, files with the origninal Lua support  files.  In like manner, Euphoria support can be selected again by copying/overwriting the Lua enabled files with those supporting Euphoria.  

This is copied from the Euphoria mailing list:

I have posted the latest version of Geany support files and utility programs on the RDS User contribution page: . The Context Sensitive Help Program EuHelp is included with the support files, together with a utility program called "gny.ex", which is used to backup the original lua support files and restore them, if desired. A "euphoria enabled" snippets file is also included.

All the support files and utility programs are contained in the directory "EuGeany". Once you decompress the EuGeany folder, all you have to do is run the program gny.ex to install and set the system up so you can swap lua/euphoria support whenever you wish.

IMPORTANT: you will need to edit the constants which reference FILEDEF_DIR, FILETYPE_EXT_DIR, and SNIPPETS_DIR before running gny.ex! The latest version of gny.ex is included below, but everything you need is contained in the EuGeanydownload files.

Gny.ex is set up to translate/compile EuHelp.ex and gny.ex and then copy those programs to EUDIR/bin/ by default, but you can install those programs manually by setting the value of the constant COMPILE_INSTALL_EUHELP_GNY to FALSE. The path to EUDIR is set without using an environment variable

Comments, suggestions for improvements, etc. will be appreciated.

I would deeply appreciate  if anyone who is interested in extending Geany's support to languages not currently supported, would take a look at my method and providing any criticisms/comments/ suggestions for improvement.  Euphoria is a very interesting language which is also very easy to learn.  Even a  novice programmer will be able to "read" the main program, "gny.ex" with no problem.

If you are interested in taking a closer look at Euphoria, the current version, Euphoria 4.05,  for Linux and Windows, can be downloaded from

More Euphoria resources are available at: 
The OpenEuphoria Forum:
Euphoria 4.0.5 online manual:

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