On Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 10:01 AM, Muddleglum Smith <> wrote:
Is this where geany plugin installation problems can be discussed? If
not, please inform me where to go and don't waste your time reading

I'm trying to get the markdown plugin to work on my Fedora 26.

Matthew Brush (codebrainz) kindly wrote to me:
...the latest release version:
..."Download ZIP" link under the green "Clone or Download" button.
Assuming ... `/usr` prefix, and ... something like this should work:
 $ unzip ...
 $ cd geany-plugins ...
 $ ./ --with-geany-libdir=/usr/lib --disable-all-plugins --enable-

No problems until that last. I'm informed that intltoolize command isn't found.

Not an expert here but I've had bucket loads of fun trying to get software to install
so I MAY have an idea for you.

inltoolize isn't found - - - that means that you need to install intloolize and/or
some kind of inltoolize dev files.
Will that fix your issues - - - maybe - - - but its worth a try!
Would suggest just the tool at first, then if still no joy then add the -dev files.
Please read -dev and any one of -dev, -devl -devel or any other such variant
foisted upon users by developers.