after several bug reports like

I tried to address these issues by moving to GTK3 (fixes the redraw issues) and creating a new launcher which is compiled into a binary instead of the previously used launcher script (which was problematic because of the Catalina security requirements). The result is here:

The only bigger problem I'm aware of is that titlebars of windows such as the find dialog can be "clicked through" to the editor below. To workaround this, one has to move the mouse from the direction of the dialog. One can also close these windows with escape, so it's usually not a big problem. There seems to be a patch for this issue in GTK

so it hopefully gets fixed in the next GTK release.

One cool feature of this release is that it supports the dark theme for widgets. By default, Geany will auto-detect the theme based on system settings. Upon launch, Geany creates a new config file under ~/.config/geany/geany_mac.conf where one can override this settings.

In general, I'm really happy with how this release works and I believe it should work much better than the previous GTK2-based release. I'd encourage everyone to try this build as I don't plan to create the GTK2 releases any more so it would be good to know if there are any problems.