Make 'em core!!! :-)

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On Dec 17, 2011 5:11 PM, "Matthew Brush" <> wrote:
On 12/17/2011 08:32 AM, Frank Lanitz wrote:
On Sun, 11 Dec 2011 16:46:23 +0100
Thomas Martitz<>  wrote:

Am 11.12.2011 03:59, schrieb Matthew Brush:

I don't think it would be too hard, basically just copy some
`.conf` files to `${prefix}/share/geany/colorschemes/`.  I guess it
should also depend on the Geany package.

It would be probably be best if coordinated with (or done directly
by) existing Geany distro package maintainers.

Bah, I still think it should be part of Geany, not a separate package.

I disagree, even they are cool. We should keep in mind to do not bloat
Geany core with extra stuff. I guess we did a good step with moving a
lot of tag files out (btw here a package would also be cool) and don't
want to go step back

Bloat, hehehe.  It's ~36kb for all 17 themes combined :)

I personally don't care if they're part of Geany core, but there *definitively* needs to be packages available if not in core.

Matthew Brush
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