Dear All,
      I have just seen the latest Geany, having last seen it about a year
ago, and am interested in possibly using it as a standard editior/ide on a
bootable cd/dvd system we are developing for students. The ideal is to have
a simple GUI which they only have to learn once but can cope with the
multiple languages they encounter. Currently we use Emacs + others, but
would like a more IDE looking GUI. Geany looks as though it has the
workings but I have been trying to add other languages/templates etc. Do I
understand that this is impossible by just adding them to the .conf, and
adding filetypes.XXX files, e.g. they are not automatically picked up? or
am I missing something?

  Many Thanks for any help, the package looks really nice



Same question...


PS : is there a repositories where we can find some other filestypes (smarty language in my case)