Thanks everyone for the fast answers.
I'll wait for the next release for the fix.

Il 18/05/2015 18:26, Frank Lanitz ha scritto:
Am 18.05.2015 um 18:16 schrieb Colomban Wendling:
Le 18/05/2015 17:06, Frank Lanitz a écrit :
Am 2015-05-18 16:59, schrieb Andrea Stacchiotti:
I'm sorry, should have included it in the prev. email:

$ geany -V
geany 1.24.1 (generato il Aug 16 2014 conGTK 2.24.24, GLib 2.41.2)
likely needs a space here

running on Fedora 21.

The strange thing is that the line we are like talking about (line 2379
of it.po) have been updated on 2014-06-12 according to git.

This si really strange as at least the string metioned by Felipe seems to
 be correct prior the release and should be part of it. Will dig a littel
deeper tonight. Can you maybe do a screenshot of it?
it's not fixed in 1.24 but is in current master:

$ git grep -e 'direttorio' 1.24.1 --
1.24.1:po/it.po:msgstr "Processo fallito, nessun direttorio di lavoro"
1.24.1:po/it.po:msgstr "%s (nel direttorio: %s)"
1.24.1:po/it.po:msgstr "Impossibile cambiare il direttorio di lavoro in \"%s\""
the fix commit is

Ahh....  So we have the reason ;)
Thanks for looking deeper.


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