Those 3 strings "Parts", "Assembly" and "Steps" are referring to the Abaqus filetype:
"Assembly" in this case do not refer to ASM but to a specific Abaqus term (a group of Parts, I think).

When updating the French translation I searched the Internet for a correct translation for these Abaqus terms but it looks like French users do not translate them, so I kept them as is.

Le 04/03/2013 12:01, Jože Klepec a écrit :

Well, I prefer to ask rather to make a stupid translation.

I found out that no one from Europe has translated parts, assembly & steps except Estonians, Japanese & Spanish (Lucas, of course - I'm lucky to understand some Spanish). The French translator just copied the strings (as I normally do during work to remember the bad ones), other have empty strings. This is quickly checkable by using nano in terminal. Inside it you press ^W and search for the string, it's the quickest way at all.

As mentioned before, I understand some Spanish (thanks to Verano Azul TV supercult series* some books I've read). So, not to go to far OT, let's purify the following:

1. What are "Parts"
(#4501 in my case)? If I follow Lucas, this would be "Deli" or "Delci" (small parts, I am aware of KDE component KParts, so this would be something like it). This item
probably needs singular/plural. "Delci" is the one I choose due to misunderstanding in the first string ("Deli" means also divide or split in Slovenian, obeying sense).

2. Assembly I know very well (I programmed in it several years), but some people probably don't. This is almost the lowest programming level tool, if we don't like hex editors more (I used them too, if I had too). This would translate to "Zbirnik".

3. "Steps" are also bothering a lot of people.  I thing this is as in use of step by step debugging, execution. I translated it "Koraki" for this meaning. Another option is "Prehodi" if this is meant for passes of compiler/preprocessor. This item probably needs singular/plural.