I know in this case, 新規ファイル, 編集中ファイル, 無題 are used in other applications.
But I and original translator choice untitled as is. 
Because the most Japanese software developers use English or romaji file name for
program source code and/or html, xml documents. By other hand, they use
Japanese file name for Office binary documents. Multimedia files such as pictures 
or musics, someone likes Japanese file name but someone likes English name.

Thank you
Chikahiro Masami

2013/3/25 顔無し <gradymartin@gmail.com>
Hello.  I hope I've reached the proper channels.

The current Japanese translation has no entry for "untitled" (ala Ctrl
+ N), leaving it as is.  "新規ファイル" translates directly as "new file"
but is standard in the Ctrl + N context.

Provided the value for "untitled" doesn't appear in other contexts
which would be misleading (in other words, actual dependence upon the
literal meaning of "having no name"), I propose changing the value for
"untitled" to the more user-friendly "新規ファイル."  I highly doubt any
Japanese-speaking users have encountered any confusion over
"untitled," but still--it feels good to uphold standards.

If, however, a literal meaning of "new file" would conflict with other
uses of the untitled entry, I suggest "編集中ファイル," literally "file being
operated upon."

Another possible translation, "未タイトル ("not yet titled")," does match
the literal meaning of "untitled" nicely--but it sounds kind of weird.

Were I the dictator of Geany translations, I'd just go with "新規ファイル"
and call it a day.  You'll find the entry at line number 3,115 in file

Thanks for your time, and thanks for translating Geany.  As a very
satisfied user, I feel that everyone's doing a wonderful job.

Grady Martin
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