Le 26/10/2014 19:34, Frank Lanitz a écrit :
Current translation is:
"Ouvrir dans un programme externe"
As it was done by a native speaker, I will not change it until some
other native is telling me what's better :)
=> "Ouvrir dans un programme externe" is perfect ;-)
The function is intended to open e.g. an folder inside an external
explorer as thunar or nautilus.

> It depends what it does, really; as the expected command does not really
> work
> https://sourceforge.net/p/geany/bugs/1071/
Just updated. It seems to work with recent versions once configuration
is adjusted to your local system. Default is kind of Windows.
=> I confirm it works; Default is "explorer"; just replaced with "nautilus" and it worked fine.

Many thanks !

There is only one translation which stays uncorrected, even if I had my geany-plugins updated.
The latest version of Tree browser plugin which comes with apt-get update is 0.20 (with "Dossier parAnt" instead of "Dossier parEnt")
Is 0.20 the latest version ? On that page http://plugins.geany.org/treebrowser.html it seems that 1.23 is the latest version, but it's may be geany latest version instead ?