Hi André,
  I just downloaded ansd compiled final version 0.19 and I cannot reproduce the problem. I have tried my standard setup (language es_ES.UTF-8) and also the languages you mention in your original message. In all cases the menu is all right.

  I have had problems before with Geany that could not be reproduced by others. The problem was usually in my custom configuration.
  Could you try end rename your "$HOME/.config/geany" folder and run Geany to see if the problem persists. If not, then it's probably something in your custom configuration.

  I hope this helps.


2010/6/13 André Glória <gloria.andre@gmail.com>
I don't know if I should be reporting this here, but it's translation related.
In the build menu information about the translation file is appearing and I believe it shouldn't.
The attached screen-shoot explains it better than words.

I tested with pt_PT, pt_BR, de_DE, en_GB and en_US, by executing geany from the console with  LANG=pt_PT.utf-8 geany
Only in the latter (en_US) there isn't any problem.

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Ps: Thanks for the "Add custom filetypes features" I have some friends that will be changing to Geany because of that.

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