It's about that string (from

#: ../src/build.c:759
#, c-format
msgid "%s (in directory: %s)"
msgstr "%s (nella cartella: %s)"

? If is, its already corrected

* note that is very different that the (outdated) (this situation is confusing: to build geany, the .po from is needed :P)

2015-05-18 11:22 GMT-03:00 Andrea Stacchiotti <>:
Dear all,
I noticed a translation error in the Italian version.
when compiling (C/C++ in my case) the text that appears in the bottom
bar is:
"gcc -[tons on flags] file (nel direttorio $folder)"

but "nel direttorio" should be "nella cartella"
(in Italian "direttorio" is used for a particular government during the
French revolution, quite off).

I looked into the .po file, but couldn't find that string, do you use
some external library I have to file a bug against?

I can also help with the last few lines that needs translation
( says Italian needs 28 more).

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