There is no "encoding on screen", the file is converted to UTF-8 when its loaded, it is then closed, no non-UTF-8 artefact remains.

The encoding in memory is always going to be UTF-8, Geany is an IDE, its use-case is editing code (all coding languages are covered by UTF-8) and documentation (and all human languages are covered by UTF-8). Having different encodings in memory makes all the operations of the IDE difficult, and pretty much impractical.

The only thing that may have non-UTF-8 encoding is the file on disk, and the only time that is relevant is reading and writing the buffer in memory, so thats when encoding happens.

You can reload the file with a different encoding File->Reload As->..., but you can't change the encoding in the buffer.

Unfortunately there is no solution to the double click problem, there is no command line option to set encoding, and even if "somebody" added one (pull requests are welcome) that just likely means every file is going to be opened with the encoding you teach Nemo to use by setting the option on the command it uses for txt files.

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