If you built Geany then you should have the basic tools to build the plugins. If you built Geany with all defaults then the plugins should also build with defaults. If you set any options when configuring Geany (particularly --prefix=) you have to also set it on plugins configure and set --with-geany-libdir= to the prefix directory/lib.

But as #1063 notes, beyond the basic build tools some of the plugins have other dependencies, and if configure can't find them they will be configured as "no" and that plugin will not be built, but any configured as "yes" should still build.

As noted in #1168 there is not a good list of these other dependencies for plugins, you need to read each plugins documentation (and sadly sometimes code).

PS #1163 is about the github test builds for pull requests, it doesn't affect you building, so don't worry about it :-)

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