oh, i found, it loads struct definitions and etc.
ok i understand that.

but i agree with @b4n
CPP lexer in already checking lists for every word in file,
increasing this lists will slowdown geany.

                    if (keywords.InList(s)) {
                        lastWordWasUUID = strcmp(s, "uuid") == 0;
                    } else if (keywords2.InList(s)) {
                    } else if (keywords4.InList(s)) {
                            int subStyle = classifierIdentifiers.ValueFor(s);
                            if (subStyle >= 0) {

my approach don't use any list.

probably, example from @codebrainz could be resolved if we collect detected function definition in some list.
so that only local functions will be in that list, then pointers of that functions also will be highlighted

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