how highlighting can be wrong? it is just color, user must understand source meaning independent from color.

Imagine that some portion of the code was highlighted as a string or comment while it actually isn't a string or a comment. That won't help reading the code, but rather will make it a lot harder, because you have incorrect visual clues. We don't want that.


the fact that its a constructor and would normally return an object of that type is the far more important information, not that it happens to look like a function call, thats just a distraction.

Well, your constructors (?) return booleans, or are converted to it. The call site meaning is clearly function-like, how it's implemented looks fairly secondary in your example.
Sure, it might actually be a lot more convoluted, and return a more complex object but that object can be converted to boolean, or has operator |, but the caller doesn't seem to really care.

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