I have installed Geany today, and did not fiddle around with Plugins.

Ok, if its a new install and you didn't enable any plugins in Tools->Plugin Manager then there should be none running, but maybe just check none are enabled in plugin manager.

Of course, and, as I said, I for sure did not do anything with this file from a different program. Plus, the error occured on 3 files out of 5. And, I could save these files earlier in the same edit session.

Thats fine, we have to check the obvious first :)

I have now changed the settings to use Windows dialogues, but honestly, I like the GTK ones better.

Let us know if the problem still occurs, the GTK dialogs are not something we build so I don't know what they do, but I know they run extra threads, so maybe they trawl the filesystem to pre-load the dialogs, and I think I remember somewhere reports of them holding locks on stuff.

I wonder whether the problem might be related to a temporary directory or backup directory.

Other than its config directory that is saved in your user data (see Help->Debug Messages 4-5 down says where) Geany itself doesn't fiddle with files other than your explicit save and load, but some plugins do, hence the first question.

Unfortunately, this version of Geany is not usable for me. I will therefore switch to a different editor, BUTif one of the Geany maintainers wants me to try out something, I will of course turn back to Geany, because I want to help to find the bug.

I presume that means the windows dialogs didn't help :(

I know that there are some who use Geany on windows without problems, not sure if its 7 though, think its 10. Maybe they can provide some more suggestions on that might be unusual about your system.

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