Hi all.

I'd say I qualify with a frequent and happy Geany user, as I just love that IDE — been my favourite for nearly two decades now.

The issue I have is somewhat annoying and describes as follows:

What happens: the previously selected text is enclosed with the first enclosing character that occurred while typing in the VTE instead of being silently eaten, as one would expect.

I use the VTE on a regular basis and I found myself accepting to watch out for any selection before I use the VTE. But despite my efforts I fail and I think that's to be expected, as a human :-D .

DISCLAIMER: I don't know if it's a VTE issue, a plugin issue, a geany issue or a GTK issue; I needed to start somewhere so I submit it here. Be free to dispatch it at will to the right audience if that's necessary. And if I need to do that, I will, no wuckers. Just orient me.

As for the techno stuff, before you ask: I'm running Geany on Manjaro. My current version is 1.38-2 "Sulamar" and plugins are version 1.38-3. The issue I described has existed for as long as I can remember.

I'd like to thank the community for providing such a great, bloat-free tool, a breathe compared to the usual monsters, IMHO. May the Geany remain out the bottle for a long, long time.

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