I have investigated the issue a little further and I'm no longer sure it's that straightforward. I found the spot where to add the focus condition; it's in /addons/src/ao_wrapwords.c, about line 66.

However, trying to find how to get whether a scintilla object has the focus, I read on StackOverflow that an event function only requires "binding to the object if one wants that even to fire only when the widget has the focus" (see https://stackoverflow.com/a/1385933).

If that's true and if it's the proper way to avoid addon widgets messing with other widgets when they don't have the focus, then I'm afraid it's not at all within the extent of my skills as I have absolutely zero knowledge (let alone experience) with Scintilla... which I only got to know about while browsing the files on this repo, to get you an idea. And I don't want to put the whole Geany Addons project in balance if there happens to be an implementation issue buried deep inside, which I'm completely incompetent to judge and fix if it needs to.

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