probably, example from @codebrainz could be resolved if we collect detected function definition in some list.
so that only local functions will be in that list, then pointers of that functions also will be highlighted

That wouldn't help, because in the GCallback cb = &some_function; case, I guess you want to highlight both cb and some_function -- or none. They are both callable, but there's no syntactic way to know it, short of figuring out GCallback is a function type -- and even then, only cb really is a callable, the RHS should be but what if the author was nasty…

  const char *p = "hello";
  void(*cb)(void) = p;

This will compile just fine -- even more so if you'd explicitly casted p appropriately --, but p isn't a callable.

PS: BTW, GitHub highlighting is confused by function pointer type apparently, and highlights void as a function call.

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