settings in filetypes.pascal:


I try to improve pascal lexer with class and function name hightlighting (in LexCPP named "Global classes and typedefs"). For that geany tagger has to fill a wordlist with keys found by tagging function (see ctags/parsers/pascal.c)

In general parser seems to work sucessfully, because sidebar is updated correctly, which means function names can be seen there (sidebar_update_tag_list works o.k.).

On the other hand, if I attach debug code to document.c:document_highlight_tags function to see result of call of symbols_find_typenames_as_string always an empty string is returned.

Diving deeper in the code, I see whithin symbols_find_typenames_as_string, typedefs->lenis always zero, which means app->tm_workspace->global_typename_array is not filled correctly.

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