Well, you only needed one of autotools vs meson for Geany and autotools for plugins, not both. I never noticed meson needed any dependencies other than ninja (which a sensible package system should pull in automatically when meson is installed, but I don't know about arch). Autotools has more moving parts for sure.

And of course you need the dependencies of Geany itself, which means -dev packages for them on Debuntu etc. Again, don't know how arch packages them. As @pedrib said there are commands for Apt based systems to install them based on the apt package data. But sadly this disparity of packaging means its difficult to provide simple portable recipes for building from Git :-(

Anyway you got it to work which is good, really needs more people to comment on how useful it is/isn't on C and C++ before @pedrib expends the effort to clean up the patch and make a PR to Lexilla then Geany. @iloveclang I presume you looked at C since that was your initial post. Most of my queries relate to C++ so we need more input from C++ users.

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