At this point, this issue appears as a very confusing mix of platforms, options, versions, shells, and most crucially, user's intention.

You started from building Geany and its plugins under Ubuntu. I understand that you successfully built and installed the Geany binary. So, given all dependencies are in-place, you should be equally able to similarly build and install the plugins. In fact, you could do this just for a simple plugin that needs no extra dependencies (e.g. lineoperations).

To configure geany-plugins to build only a given plugin (e.g. lineoperations):

../configure --no-create --no-recursion --disable-all-plugins --enable-lineoperations --prefix="<same-prefix-as-geany-install>" --with-geany-libdir="<same-prefix-as-geany-install>/lib"

Then just build and install:

make install  ## sudo,  if needed

If this works for a single plugin, and the plugins is visible in the Geany, then the other plugins can be built at once (provided all needed dependencies are set up). Reconfigure to allow building all plugins, basically it's a default. Just pass --prefix and --with-geany-libdir options respectively. Rebuild and install.

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