> 4. depending on the outcome from 3. use a new repository organisation or
> at least a new branch in the existing Geany repo to ensure that the
> existing Geany is not destabilised by major changes as they take place.

New branch is necessary -- in a separate repo or not.  New repository
without a new branch basically means a fork, and I guess Geany can't
really afford that :)

Just to be clear, I meant another repo under the Geany organisation, since I suspect there will be more than one branch involved in getting to wherever we decide we want to end up and so it might get a bit messy if its all in the main repository.  But it really depends on the what we end up deciding.


[1] Though, one could hope that structured goals could attract more
contributors, since they'd have something concrete they could help build
-- as opposed to the usual "pick something you care about", it'd be
"there's some things to do, help if you care to".

That was indeed one of my thoughts :)

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