On 13 November 2013 10:06, Steven Blatnick <steve8track@yahoo.com> wrote:
I'm being a bit off topic, but one problem I have with having both Gtk2 and Gtk3 apps is that there have been settings and theme discrepancies.  For example, I use Linux Mint MATE, and there have been some problems with bookmarks being in sync between the file open dialog in Gtk2 apps vs Gtk3 apps.  Plus, if I don't use a theme that is available in both versions of Gtk, then I end up with foreign looking apps in my environment, almost like I'm port forwarding X and getting things theme-less.  Even geany hasn't been flawless in this Gnome Civil War, with the default external file browser being nautilus, where my system uses the nearly identical caja, although I changed the setting in geany of course.

Hi Steven,

This might be a MATE issue, I run both GTK2 and GTK3 in Mint Cinnamon and havn't seen theme issues.  (default Mint theme, I'm too lazy to change it :)  If by bookmarks you mean "recently used" then it definitely updates from both, but how accurately and how regularly I havn't examined in detail.