In last 3 weeks i've in development of new plugin-wrapper of geany plugin-api for python. Main idea - ability to write plugins in python with pygtk and mini-abstract level for geany structures.
I've encountered with problem. I need to build bridge and for scintilla, but python have only 3 wrappers: pyscintilla(rip in <2004), pygtkscintilla(rip in 2004), pyqscintilla(rip with pyqt, because pyside don't have wrapper). Best way - pyqscintilla. But i want to write good and usefull mini-engine.
And i trying to google information about this question. I found many mails in lists, where talking about scintilla and gtksource view. Main thing - scintilla is going to be RIP'd, cuz development rate too small and community, who interests in this library, very small. Best way - use gtksourceview, becouse it now(in 2.9) have got all necessary functionality and going to be best widget for source editor.
As i think, now need to start moving onto gtksourceview as parallel work with 0.19. And at 0.20 fully go to gtksourceview.

At the end, gtksourceview is "native" to gtk+, unlike to scintilla. And, of cause, pygksourceview have very good wrapper to python.

What are you think?

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