Congratz to everyone!
New plugin pairtaghighlighter is not mentioned in release notes.

On 13 April 2014 19:59, Colomban Wendling <> wrote:
After a long delay, we are finally happy to announce a new release of Geany!

For a comprehensive list of changes please see:

Some highlights:

* Fix spawning commands with spaces on Windows.
* Fix infinite pagination when printing on Windows.
* Fix bulk Search & Replace not to match replacements.
* Update Scintilla to 3.3.6.
* Add experimental GTK3 support.
* Lots of improvements to PHP and Fortran symbols parsing.
* Add filetypes Clojure, CUDA, Batch, Graphviz, PowerShell and Rust.
* Update translations: ca, cs, de, es, eu, fr, gl, he, hu, it, kk, lt,
  nl, pt, ru, sk, sl, sv, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW.

We want to thank all developers, translators and everyone who
contributed to this release with patches, feedback, bug reports and so
on.  Thank you!

As usual, all downloads can be found on

- Colomban
Devel mailing list

Best regards,
Volodymyr Kononenko