Hi All,


Just a note to introduce myself.  I am Mark, an old-timer coming from the world of Fortran.  My interest in Geany is to use it as a platform to introduce specific functionality to help me and others in my line of work.


I work for a software company that writes simulation software.  You probably thought of flight simulators, right?  Well no.  We write software that simulates the behaviour of real world physics, like how a car behaves when you drive it round a corner, or how cracks propagate material.  For this, we develop mathematical solvers that solve partial differential equations and use numerical integration to compute solutions to physical environments.  The solvers use a text file input as their definition, and have a macro based language that controls the operations of the solver.  If you know Matlab, you know the idea.  We just do it on an industrial scale.


I’ll be requesting an additional file type (additional lexer I have written) be added to Geany, but thereafter I expect most of the functionality will come in the form of a plugin (I am writing one of these as well).  I am not a strong user of C/C++, as I said procedural Fortran is my forte, and this is my first plunge into contributing to an open source project, so expect some dumb questions.


Enough of the intro; I’ll post specifics in a separate thread.


Kind regards,


Mark Robinson

Never give in.  Winston Churchill.