How many "Geany on Windows" users are there? is it 90% POSIX/10%
Windows? Or more? Less?

I'm a big fan of the "90% rule". If 90% of the users don't need/want
it, don't implement or support it. Same goes for library versions: if
90%+ has GTK3, it's safe to require that.

Because Geany does not install spyware to see where it is used, we really don't know.  :)

Various people make various guesses based on their personal experience, but really the people who know are only the users themselves.

I was thinking of asking on the users ML, after we agreed the questions here first.  But do we want to?

Are we looking for "market share"?  Or are we interested in making the best software that suits the contributors, and if its useful to others fine?

Thats a pretty deep and fundamental question about the project, what do those who are interested enough to monitor the dev list think?



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