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On Thu, 24 Oct 2013 19:22:34 +1100
Lex Trotman <elextr@gmail.com> wrote:

> Unfortunately there is an accessor document_index() in the plugin interface
> that uses the index into the array.
> Switching to a list means that there needs to be a change everywhere in
> Geany and the plugins that the array index is used instead of a pointer.  I
> don't see anywhere where the index is used inside Geany but I may have
> missed somewhere.  I don't know how often its used by plugins.  But again
> its use could be deprecated and a temporary map (eg g_tree) from an int to
> the pointer could be used until plugins are modified.

From what I see, document_index() is used in the plugins:

- inside foreach_document(i), which makes zero sense
- in a similar loop in codenav, where the number of documents is
  copied in a local variable, without an obvious reason, and there
  is no is_valid check
- in geanypy, to implement a Python document_index() function.


That being said, just how is a list better than a GPtrArray?

True, its the fact that the index is held constant because it might be stored and re-used that stops the array from being shrunk.  Getting rid of the use of indexes is the necessary pre-condition for shrinking the array, or using a list or whatever.


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