Since the only way Windows is "stopping" any upgrades of the oldest version
is the builders using 2.16, maybe stopping windows support is just no
longer making those packages, leaving the code inside #ifdef OS_WIN32 there
for you to build it with your preferred GTK.

I don't understand sorry, why is 2.16 needed for Windows? I have newer than that.

Simply because without any maintainer, nobody has taken the windows build stuff off Enrico and updated it to the recommended 2.24.

But thats not a universal experience, and again there is nobody who is
looking at why and how to fix it.  At least the Linux version gets a slow
trickle of changes.

You are exaggerating.

When I wrote this even you weren't :)  Thats not a criticism of you, its not your job.

  >Anyway, although I agree the Windows version isn't as good as it should
right now, I don't really see the problem it causes to the rest of
Geany.  And if we indeed clean some things up a little like Matthew
suggests, it could even be just fine (Windows dialogs, come on).

I don't mind if Matt wants to remove the Windows dialogs. Enrico put them
in, I think they're not really necessary.

Again "somebody else do it", Matt having already said he won't.  :)

I must have misread him then.

How about this, I make the Windows dialog pref a various pref and merge the file overwrite PR. Various prefs are already warned about.

Personally I'm not sure that removing windows dialogs is any sort of priority, unless they are causing bugs.


  Again, the issue is, without anybody to do it, all that happens is that
rest of Geany gets less love.

Lots of people over the years have put forward suggestions, but none of
them have even dropped a PR or patch, let alone assisted with maintenance.
   Its not nice to cut off a platform, but if everybody expects others to
the work, then we may have no choice or the whole project will collapse.

^^^ *Massive* exaggeration. Most open source projects have unresolved
bugs. Unfunded open source projects work mostly because developers fix
problems that they themselves experience. I don't see any significant
problems with the Windows version that affect me.

And you do work on the problems that affect you, and thank you for that,
but "support" is also answering bug reports and questions on IRC, otherwise
you get the current situation of Matt and I blundering about in the dark
(well Matt might have a small torch, but I'm in the dark).  I'm not
criticising you or suggesting you take over the role again, I'm looking for
people to help you.

We shouldn't deprecate it, that won't help anyone.

Did you see my previous post?

  I'm not saying delete anything inside #ifdef OS_WIN32 tomorrow.  But also
in fairness some warning that platform specific code is not being
maintained adequately needs to be given to Windows users, and their help
sought, and this is one way I can think of that makes it clear.  Other
suggestions are welcome:)

You are massively overreacting. If we really cared so much about user
experience we would make more bugfix releases, but we don't have the
resources for that.

Indeed, and that is the problem I'm trying to address.  If we don't make it
clear to people that they need to step up and help, we will get nowhere.

You can call for contributors. Don't annoy Windows users.

As above.



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