On 13 November 2013 10:53, Yosef Or Boczko <yoseforb@gmail.com> wrote:
I not understand, you mean have some old version of
some distro isn't support GTK+ 3 and them always with
older version of all package - so why Geany need to be
the last in them distro?

Several reasons:

1. we don't have the resources to backport bug fixes to old versions, the only bug fix versions are the latest release of Geany.

2. The users on old distros have the same use-cases as those on new distros, so they need the new features as much as anyone else.  Restricting the features available disenfranchises that group of users.

3. IIUC some of the Geany devs are in that situation, they clearly will not contribute to changes that they can't use.

Geany need to go forward, and older distro will keep
the old version of Geany same them keep the old
version of GTK+ 2 and not support GTK+ 3 yet.
Geany 1.24 and also Geany 0.21 it realy good software,
but we can't to bog becausw have some older distor.

Going forward is adding features that are useful to users, such as those suggestions being gathered in the "direction for Geany" thread.  

Changing GUI toolkit versions is peripheral to that and should only happen if it assists in adding real features, because otherwise its just busy-work that stops real features being added.  If changing GUI toolkit versions makes it significantly easier to do something useful then it may be a worthwhile change.  The intention of the other thread is to look at the design to see if this is the case.