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Am 24.10.2013 11:24, schrieb Lex Trotman:

I currently do not have access to a dev environment where I can grab the plugins and search for places the index is used.  But if its not used anywhere (or even if its not used much) then it should be deprecated immediately so nobody uses it in new code. Use G_DEPRECATED I guess, plus \deprecated in the doxygen comments, I don't know if we've deprecated anything before have we?

@Colomban, do we have a process for plugin API deprecation and removal?

Deprecation is difficult with our plugin mechanism, because all API function calls are macros that, after expansion, call via pointer. I don't think G_DEPRECATED (gcc's __attribute__((deprecated))) works via such indirect calls.

The member of the struct in plugindata.h (eg DocumentFuncs.document_index) is a declaration, so it can be marked deprecated.  And that should cause the warning when that member is used, even if its via a pointer inside a macro.  So both the struct member and the actual function would need deprecation.

And maybe we can stick #pragma message "Warning, Warning - deprecated stuff" inside the IS_VALID() macro :)


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