1. we don't have the resources to backport bug fixes to old versions, the
only bug fix versions are the latest release of Geany.

Their sysadmins and distro vendors are supposed to take care of that aren't they? And anyway, most users wouldn't even be able to get a newer Geany installed from source on such a restricted system.

Well, they might for Mozilla, or similar, but I doubt distros will do any work for a dinky little obscure app like Geany unless our source will directly work on their system.  And probably not even then :(

3. IIUC some of the Geany devs are in that situation, they clearly will not
contribute to changes that they can't use.

I think Pavel said he's in this situation at work, but it's not like it's insurmountable, just more of a pain in the butt. Anyone else?

Also as we discussed on IRC, it would be worthwhile pinging the user list for what system they use, work and home, and what version of Geany etc to add to Franks conference/trade show data.  We should agree what to ask on the devel list first, to ensure we get what we need to know with only one pass, spamming users with multiple questions isn't good.