I'm *really really really* tired of this topic. This comes up every now and then, with the same bulled points over and over and with no outcome at all (we're still at 2.16 after a couple of discussions even though nobody explicitly says we need to be at this specific version).

Agree, AFAIK only one thing "needs" 2.16, and thats the nightly builder (which runs 2.16 checks and the windows nightly) and the windows release builder (whatever that is?) that includes it in the bundles.  

Note, the windows nightly builder web page actually says its built against 2.14.7, does anyone know if thats right?

Can't we just define a simple rule that's written out somewhere as to which GTK+ version to support. I don't mean a specific version number but a rule like "The one released X years/month ago" or "the version shipped in (enterprise) distro ABC" or "re-evaluated in a grand IRC meeting every Y month". This would mean implicit bumping of the minimum (by accepting patches that bump the minimum while observing the rule) as required. Then we don't have to have this tiresome argument over and over.

I'd agree that a planned schedule based on a metric would be an improvement.  At least both developers and users would have some certainty about things.


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