All Developers,

Its time we deprecated windows support!!

The windows code in Geany is:

- unmaintained and bit-rotting

- buggy

- holding us at an unreasonably old GTK version

- hard to maintain due to being hacks on top of hacks

- few of the developers have access to a representative development setup (no WinXP on a VM is hardly representative)

Since there has never been a case of removing support for a platform before (that I know of) we don't have a process for doing it.

Therefore I propose that the windows version be deprecated, announcing it on the website, user ML and #geany startup message and anywhere else it might get through.

If this does not result in contributors who support the windows version coming forward and actually making a difference in the code and the user support then Windows should be dropped in a couple of versions.

I don't have any windows systems, don't use it and can't develop for it, but I have always noted when I was aware that some issue would impact the windows version, and have tried to help people who have had difficulties with Geany on windows where I could.

But I have run out of patience.